Care Under Fire

Care Under Fire


This course is a follow-up training opportunity (Day 2) after taking our Trauma Management Course. It focuses on preventable death during and immediately after a personal attack, or mass casualty incident. You have already received the medical training…now it is time to apply it during a critical incident. These training scenarios involve shooting, moving and communicating while you decisively end the threat and begin treating yourself or others who have been wounded. This fast-paced course is taught on the fly, with intense shooting drills.

Experience Level Needed:   Fundamental gun handling and a solid understanding of safe holster work are mandatory. A trauma management course is also necessary. We offer courses to meet both of these requirements.

When: This course is typically held with open enrollment 1 time per year or upon the request of a group of 10 or more students.

Gear:   300 rounds, quality handgun, approved holster, comfortable range clothing, water source. (LE and Mil should run work “kit”)

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