Critical Incident

Critical Incident


This course is focused solely for LE/Mil or any other agency that may have to react to a complex ambush or active killer.  This training works through shooting in and around vehicles, shooting from cover and concealment and movement to cover. Your experience here will help your team understand moving in congested areas safely and effectively, your ballistic capabilities, efficient and effective movements, as well as shooting accurately under pressure.

Experience Level Needed:  Fundamental gun handling and a solid understanding of safe holster work are mandatory. You must be proficient with all weapon platforms that you bring to this course (Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun). Because of the intensity of this training, we will have zero tolerance for unsafe weapon handling.

When:  This course is by request only. Inter-agency training available.

Gear: 500 rounds-  200-300 pistol, 200 rifle, 50 shotgun

Gear:  Authorized equipment.

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