Hot Date Night Rev Tac Members

Hot Date Night Rev Tac Members


Skip that boring old “dinner and a movie” date…and come make some awesome new memories! This time at the range is designed for couples to enjoy an evening of shooting, eating and socializing! We provide everything you need for a memorable night out! Plan on shooting tons of pistols, long range rifles, mid-range rifles and AR’s (semi and full auto!) and shotguns! Then we will put all of that stuff up and dive into a great meal made by our resident chef, Jon… He smokes some amazing meat with all the sides and fixings! After the guns are secured and put away, we crack open a few drinks responsibly and get the fire roaring for a night of laughter and getting to know each other! Stay as long as you want, or leave after your belly is full…we don’t mind either way!

When:  During spring, summer and fall- once a month locally, or we can pack up shop and come to you!

Experience needed: NONE! This is a great time to spend shooting, even for new shooters! Our staff of experienced instructors are there to help you stay safe while you become more comfortable shooting!

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