Women Defensive Tactics

Women Defensive Tactics


Seminar: 1.5-2 hour (Classroom only)

Our Women’s Defensive Tactics Seminar studies the behaviors of past violent attacks. This training let’s the group learn what to look for with proven pre-threat indicators and then identify them during the real videos that are shown to analyze. This discussion also dispels common myths, focuses on prevention and awareness and dives into the human behaviors before, during and after a violent attack. You will leave this course with the tools to stay alert and recognize potential issues before they ever happen.

Defensive Tactics- Surviving the Fight (Hands on Training): 2-4 hours

This portion of the training should not be intimidating at all! We want you to realize that the majority of attacks are by untrained individuals. They statistically behave in a semi-predictable way. By focusing on those behaviors, we can provide you with key defensive movements that don’t take 20 years to master but are effective immediately. This doesn’t replace the value of consistent training but is meant to be the first step in your personal defense journey.

Defensive Tactics- Force Multiplier: 2-4 hours

This part of the “big picture” is the training needed to quickly draw your firearm, and accurately engage a threat to your life. Don’t just THINK you will know how to get your gun out and defend yourself…come learn how to do it properly!

Experience Level Needed- None

When:  Typically held 1-4 times quarterly in Siouxland. We will travel to put this course on and will teach it privately for your community, business, family or friends!

What to bring:  Something to take notes with! Comfortable clothing to get a little sweaty in if you are going to stick around for the hands-on training. Handgun, holster and 100-150 rounds if you are going to do the shooting portion as well! Don’t have a handgun? We can hook you up with all that stuff for an additional $40 to cover the cost of our ammo! Bring a water source.


Seminar Only: $50 (If interested in this, please contact Rev-Tac directly to purchase.)

Seminar plus hands-on training: $75

Full day (Seminar, hands on training and shooting portion): $150 (If interested in this, please contact Rev-Tac directly to purchase.)

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