Great multi state class. Instructors were great.
— Alan Post - February 18, 2019
Took the ccw class...very eye opening and to the point, without being boring or dry. Will be adding a membership for my husband and I, as well as looking at more classes. Class act!
— Melonie Zublis-Brown - January 31, 2019
Attended a training session Saturday. Very impressed with the detail and patience shown to everyone. Especially impressed with the assistance given to new shooters!
A very cold day day on the range but very productive. Looking forward to gaining more instruction and skills!!
I highly recommend their instruction!! Enjoyed the range and facilities!!
Thank you!!
— Micheal J. Hutton - January 20, 2019
We took the CCW class and Jon did a great job. Very informative and he made it very enjoyable. Lots of great information. We would highly recommend this course.
— Teri McCallum - January 19, 2019
I sat in with my wife on a CCW class and I was impressed. In fact, I was so impressed I brought 3 more people and sat through 3 more classes. I believe in what they are doing and share similar thought processes on training and instruction. Keep up the great work.
— Brian Beekman - January 13, 2019