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Toxic Masculinity Long Range Weekend

Spots are limited for this awesome “man experience”! Get signed up now!

Don’t just bring your boom-stick, grab your fishing pole, boat, atv and trunks too!

This will be a weekend you won’t ever forget!

Come out and stretch your rifle's legs! Beginner's or experienced marksmen will enjoy this opportunity to engage targets from 100-2800m+. (WAY OVER A MILE AND A HALF!) Caliber of rifle doesn't matter, but it will obviously affect the range you are capable of achieving. We've had everything from .204's, .223, .243, .308, .300, 6.5, 7mm, .338, 50 and a bunch of others out here! You will learn to push the limits of whatever you bring!

Here's a quick run down of what we will cover:

*Reading wind, mirage and understanding the effect that it will have on your round.

*Ballistics: This will be down and dirty. We could teach a whole two-day class just on this, but you'd sleep through most of it!

*Range Estimation, naked eye, LRF's and milling with your reticle.

*Understanding the make up and functions of your scope. Strengths and weaknesses of your optic.

*Reading Trace

*Mils/MOA breakdown

*How to spot: The unsung hero of LRP shooting.

*Fundamentals of long range marksmanship: mastering these will pay dividends with any firearm you pick up!

*Gear and rifle setups: what works and what doesn't. By the end of this course, you will know what you love and hate about your current setup.

*Rapid Target Engagements (RTE)

*Hold-Offs, Kentucky Windage aka SWAG (Sniper's Wild Ass Guess)

*And a ton more!

Rev-Tac's lead instructors for this course are US Army Snipers that manage to take the mystery out of long-range engagements, making it simple and fun! We make every shot we take during this training count, so start wrapping your head around "slow and methodical" instead of "spray and pray".

If you think you need to practice beforehand, that's ok, but worry less about distance and more about nice tight shot groups.

What to bring:

1-Layer your clothing...we start in the morning and go into the evening, so the weather will change!

2- Bring at least one scoped rifle, and 150-300 rounds per rifle. Some guys will do grouping drills with their .22 and then work with their larger caliber rifles at distance. We can hook you up with a .22 for grouping if you don't have one.

3- Bipods are nice, but if you don't have one then you will run off of a ruck or bags.

4- Water and snacks! We will get lunch at a small town diner both days, so bring cash for that.

5- Bring an open mind and great attitude. We shoot in the rain or shine, so be mentally prepared for that. There will be stress shooting and some cardio on the second day, know your limits!

6- Bring the tools to tighten your optics, mounts, chassis...whatever you may need that isn't standard. Chances are, we've got it, but just in case!

****Because this course is designed to be a small even-numbered group...prepayment is required to ensure your slot. You can pay on our website at WWW.REV-TAC.COM or mail us a check to hold your spot!

Course Cost: $300

Free camping!

Ask us about staying at the lodge for just $40/night!

Call or text us for more details!


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