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If you have been looking for a private range to train on that is set up for all levels of marksmanship, pistol, rifle, long range and shotgun, then get a hold of us!

We don't want to just tell you how important it is to continue to train- we want to make it possible for you to ACTUALLY get the training time you need!

Here's the gig:

First off, your membership covers you and your family! We want you to train with your team!

Next, let's talk money. Your $75 initial payment - This covers our required range orientation, a Basic Trauma Management course AND your first month's access to the facility. We feel that it's important that every Training Group Member has a solid grasp of trauma management both on and off the range! After that it is just $20 a month!

Bring your rifles out and engage steel targets from 100-800m or work on your defensive handgun skillset behind barricades, vehicles or other designated obstacles. You will also receive a $25 discount to any Rev-Tac courses you want to attend while you are a member. And on top of that, you can show up for our scheduled Run N' Gun's to audit your skills against other Training Group Members!

You will have access to our NEW secure, comfortable 3000 sq foot "Shooting Shack"! It is not an indoor shooting range at the moment, but our hopes are that it will function in that capacity down the road. It does have a lot to offer right now though with a state of the art bathroom :) and a great kitchen and lounge area! Cable tv and internet even!

We realize this isn't for everybody, and frankly, don't want it to be! This is designed for you to have a safe, non-crowded environment for you to train or just enjoy this sport with your family!

Just click the button below to start your monthly subscription!